TQCSI Indonesia Berry Boen


Today we spoke with Mr. Berry Boen, General Manager of TQCSI Indonesia, and he told us that their office has been operating for seven years since 2014 and that they audit to all ISO Standards.

Berry added that he is grateful to TQCSI for all the guidance and support throughout the years, the excellent correspondence shared and that the regular teleconferences Head Office has with ROs from all over the world are very insightful and ensure a better understanding by all.

At the moment, Berry and his team are focused on helping new businesses achieve certification, while maintaining current business relationships, which includes ongoing support through this COVID-19 period and beyond.

Craig Bates (President and Managing Director) of TQCSI added that it has been great to see TQCSI (Indonesia) grow over the last seven years and that he is looking forward to continued growth in the future. He thanked Berry for his long standing business relationship that they share together.


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