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As we near the final stages of our Accreditation program with ANAB to become the first Australian Company to be able to offer accredited certification to the Aerospace, Space and Defence Standards (AS9100 for manufacturers, AS9110 for repair and overhaul and AS9120 for distributors), ANAB have now confirmed successful completion of all the process and document review stages.


ANAB Assessors also conducted the office audits and witness audits at client sites to see our systems in operation to certify companies to the new standards. 


TQCSI Program Director Sean Moules commented: ‘It's taken a lot of hard work to ensure we are fully equipped to audit to these very rigorous standards, as while they build directly on the foundations of ISO 9001 for Quality, they include nearly 150 additions to meet the exacting standards of safety critical industries. We and our customers take our responsibilities in this area very seriously, and I hope its reassuring to know that we and our Auditors also get regularly audited to ensure we fully meet the requirements for every accredited standard we provide to our clients.’


TQCSI President and Managing Director, Craig Bates said, ‘We are very pleased to see this major investment in developing the first sovereign capability in Australia to provide accredited certification to the aerospace, space and defence industry coming to fruition, and very proud that TQCSI, as the largest JAS-ANZ accredited certification body in Australia, is at the forefront of supporting companies across Australia in gaining and maintaining the best standards in the world.’




If you would like to enquire about this program, please contact us. We at TQCSI will gladly clarify any questions you might have, free of costs.


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Whenever AS 9100 standards are considered by a company, that need usually comes from a previous business target: To enter the Aerospace supply chain or to expand further into it. Before organisations can upgrade their certification capabilities, several topics need to be clarified during the planning stage. Find below a list of frequent questions our clients ask when preparing to achieve an AS 9100 series standard:


We’re looking to enter the Aviation, Space and Defence markets. Which standards are most applicable to these sectors?

For quality, ISO 9001 is by far the most widely used standard in the industry but for the very high standards and safety criticality required in the Aviation, Space & Defence markets, the AS 9100 Series of Standards are used and mandated by many of the Primes, particularly in Aerospace.


What are the AS 9100 Series Standards?

These Standards have been developed specifically for the Aviation, Space and Defence sectors and are led by the aerospace industry. They build directly on ISO 9001 for quality as a foundation and add around 150 additional requirements reflecting the higher standards required in safety-critical industries. Similar type standards exist in other industry sectors such as automotive and oil and gas.


What standards are there in the AS 9100 Series, and which one is right for my company?

There are three standards:

    • AS 9100: applies to companies who manufacture products – typically the Prime OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and their suppliers. This is the most widely held standard.
    • AS 9110: was developed for companies who service and repair equipment, often called MROs (maintenance, repair and overhaul).
    • AS 9120: for distributors of equipment – companies who buy, sell and distribute aviation, space and defence equipment.



TQCSI is proud to announce we have been shortlisted as a finalist for "Business of the Year - SME" in the Australian Space Awards 2020 – the leading award for the space industry in the Pacific region.

We are humbled to be recognised amongst Australia's leading space industry professionals and businesses that drive the development of excellence in Australia's space economy. This nomination comes following a sustained 30-year commitment to reliability and professionalism in certification and auditing, reflecting TQCSI’s established presence in the Australian manufacturing, aviation and defence supply chains.

TQCSI is about to become the first Australian Certification Bxody to gain accreditation to the AS 9100 series international standards for Aviation, Space and Defence. Our company recognises the safety-critical nature of these sectors and the need to deliver world-class quality and safety performance.

We thank Australian Space Awards for this nomination and take it as an opportunity to renew TQCSI's commitment to certify companies to the highest quality standards in the world.

You can learn more about AS 9100 and how can TQCSI help you to achieve this certification here





TQCSI is now the largest JAS-ANZ accredited, management systems certification body in the world!

 Having overtaken SAI Global late last year, TQCSI this month overtook Singapore based certification body, GIC, and now has 9,052 certificates issued in 36 countries from the Pacific through to Europe.

 TQCSI commenced operations in Adelaide, South Australia, in 1995 and has grown its international business since 2000. Head Office remains in Adelaide with 28 Regional Offices throughout the world. Of particular note is the office in China, which has enjoyed very significant growth over the last two years.

 TQCSI’s President and Managing Director, Craig Bates, informed the Company this afternoon “I’m immensely proud of what we’ve achieved over the last 25+ years” but cautioned “while our growth is impressive, we must all remain vigilant to ensure our auditing and certification processes continue to strictly comply with ISO and JAS-ANZ requirements so that we can deliver the most professional and credible certification to our clients”. He added, “it does nothing for the industry when competitors offer the world to their clients but deliver poorly and eventually lose their accreditation – that must never happen to TQCSI”.

 TQCSI has recently created new Regional Offices in Mongolia and the USA, and undergone office and witness assessments from ANAB for accreditation to the Aviation, Space & Defence (ASD) Standards (AS 9100 Series).



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TQCSI has awarded the 2019 International Client of the Year to Hammoudeh Food Industries Company (JO40A/B-FC) of Jordan - one of Jordan’s most advanced national industries, Hammoudeh Food Industries produces, packages and distributes dairy products, including milk, yoghurt, flavoured yoghurt, yoghurt drinks, pudding, cream, ice cream, cheese, fruit juices and flavoured jelly. The Company has developed and implemented a very effective food safety management system and maintains certification to FSSC 22000.

Clients of the Year were also awarded for the following countries:

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TQCSI has announced the following awards for 2019:

 Regional Office of the Year – TQCSI (Thailand) – TQCSI (Thailand) has been a very stable and reliable Regional Office for TQCSI, ably led by Nuruth Phanichamnuay since 2002. The office is excellently managed by their General Manager and professional administrative staff with a small number of competent auditors. TQCSI (Thailand) consistently demonstrates compliance with TQCSI procedures and audit reporting requirements. While certificate numbers are not high, they have doubled in the last three years and continue to steadily increase, particularly in food safety certification.

TQCSI Auditor of the Year – Mr Peng Liang of TQCSI (China) – Peng Liang (Michael) is an experienced quality, environmental and safety lead auditor, who is also TQCSI (China)’s Marketing Manager. Feedback from clients and other auditors attest to Michael’s professionalism as an auditor. His audit reports fully meet TQCSI’s requirements and are completed in a timely manner, and he consistently follows TQCSI procedures. Michael is also a Regional Assessor for TQCSI Head Office.

TQCSI Employee of Year – Ms Thipawan Inthanee of TQCSI (Thailand) – Thipawan, who is TQCSI (Thailand)’s Assistant Manager – Operations, is a natural leader with exceptional organizational skills. Her ability to plan a strategy and ensure it is implemented accurately and quickly has significantly contributed to the success of TQCSI (Thailand). Thipawan is also a competent quality, HACCP and GMP auditor. 

TQCSI awards Quality House Employee of the Year

This afternoon at our Quality House Christmas lunch, we announced our top contributor for 2019: in recognition of outstanding performance, proactivity, superior dedication and positive attitude on the job we awarded Elijah Skroup as our Employee of the Year.


At last!  For years it has been difficult, often impossible, to establish the bona-fides of a certificate and claims of ISO certification have been difficult for customers to verify. 

TQCSI has always published our clients’ certificates on our website and the JAS-ANZ Register has duplicated relevant information.  But, incredibly, most other certification bodies and accreditation bodies have not embraced the 20th century miracle of the internet!

Finally, IAF has launched a new website database at called ‘IAF CertSearch’ as an exclusive global database for accredited management system certifications.

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When you decide your company will get certified against a new standard, you sign your team up to a project comprising multiple tasks and planning – a journey that tends to trigger some doubts and concerns. 

Our in-house expert Carolin Arndt prepared this list of questions our clients usually ask when transitioning to the FSSC 22000 global scheme. Check out the FSSC FAQ:

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TQCSI employees recently supported a new charitable enterprise called ‘Bake a Change’, which is selling cupcakes to give girls in developing countries a better chance at education.

For a school assignment called $20 Boss, three years 8 Henley High school students, Izzy, Anna and Tina, baked, decorated and sold cupcakes to a wide range of people to raise money for girl's education in developing countries. They started a small business and sold different types of cupcakes for $2.50 each and raised $473 altogether, which was the highest amount raised of all the teams taking part. TQCSI was one of the three locations the students sold their cupcakes at and our employees helped raise $140 for the charity ‘Do it in a Dress’ for which the girls are very grateful, and the cupcakes tasted great! Izzy said they also learned a lot about starting a business in the process.

More information can be found at 

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