TQCSI is regarded as the most professional certification body in the world. We audit and certify organisations to ISO Standards for all management systems in 40+ countries throughout Australia, the Pacific, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Our objective is to provide a reliable. no nonsense and simple auditing and certification process for organisations to achieve ISO certification and continual improvement.

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Craig Bates, President of TQCSI addresses the impacts of Coronavirus in the Auditing and Certification Industry as per March 2020. Craig also explains how this worldwide certification body is...

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TQCSI becomes the first Australian certification body to be accredited to audit and certify companies to the Aviation, Space and Defence Standards.

TQCS International Pty Ltd (TQCSI), the largest JAS-ANZ accredited certification body (CB) in the world, has become the first Australian CB to be accredited to audit and certify companies to the Aviation, Space and Defence Standards – the AS 9100 Series.

US based ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) announced on 28 March 2020 that, following an intensive compliance testing and auditing process covering both TQCSI’s office management systems and witnessed audits of TQCSI’s auditors conducting client audits, it was formally accrediting TQCSI to audit companies to ISO 9001, AS 9100 D (Quality Management Systems for Aviation, Space and Defence organisations) and AS 9120 (Quality Management Systems for Aviation, Space and Defence Distributors).

This accreditation will enable Australia’s Aerospace and Defence industries to be served for the first time by an Australian company providing a customer focussed, high-quality service at a competitive price.

Accreditation follows an intensive period of investment, process development and training to enable TQCSI’s team of highly experienced auditors to deliver the rigorous standards demanded by the Aerospace and Defence industries.

TQCSI has also been supported by the Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) via a Sovereign Industrial Capability Grant to develop this new sovereign capability in Australia.

Sean Moules, TQCSI’s Program Director, said ‘We are very proud to have achieved this sovereign capability for the Australian Aviation, Space and Defence markets, following an intensive year of effort to ensure our systems and people can deliver the exacting quality standards that aerospace demands.’

Craig Bates, TQCSI’s President, added ‘We look forward to providing these new certification standards to our growing customer base and to continue to grow and evolve TQCSI to meet customer demands and deliver the most professional certification services in the world.’

TQCSI is now ready to provide accredited certification to existing AS 9100 Series certified organisations and companies that are looking to expand further into the Aviation, Space and Defence markets. Call us on 1800 686 739 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.


TQCSI is proud to announce we have been shortlisted as a finalist for "Business of the Year - SME" in the Australian Space Awards 2020 – the leading award for the space industry in the Pacific region.

We are humbled to be recognised amongst Australia's leading space industry professionals and businesses that drive the development of excellence in Australia's space economy. This nomination comes following a sustained 30-year commitment to reliability and professionalism in certification and auditing, reflecting TQCSI’s established presence in the Australian manufacturing, aviation and defence supply chains.

TQCSI is about to become the first Australian Certification Bxody to gain accreditation to the AS 9100 series international standards for Aviation, Space and Defence. Our company recognises the safety-critical nature of these sectors and the need to deliver world-class quality and safety performance.

We thank Australian Space Awards for this nomination and take it as an opportunity to renew TQCSI's commitment to certify companies to the highest quality standards in the world.

You can learn more about AS 9100 and how can TQCSI help you to achieve this certification here





TQCSI is now the largest JAS-ANZ accredited, management systems certification body in the world!

 Having overtaken SAI Global late last year, TQCSI this month overtook Singapore based certification body, GIC, and now has 9,052 certificates issued in 36 countries from the Pacific through to Europe.

 TQCSI commenced operations in Adelaide, South Australia, in 1995 and has grown its international business since 2000. Head Office remains in Adelaide with 28 Regional Offices throughout the world. Of particular note is the office in China, which has enjoyed very significant growth over the last two years.

 TQCSI’s President and Managing Director, Craig Bates, informed the Company this afternoon “I’m immensely proud of what we’ve achieved over the last 25+ years” but cautioned “while our growth is impressive, we must all remain vigilant to ensure our auditing and certification processes continue to strictly comply with ISO and JAS-ANZ requirements so that we can deliver the most professional and credible certification to our clients”. He added, “it does nothing for the industry when competitors offer the world to their clients but deliver poorly and eventually lose their accreditation – that must never happen to TQCSI”.

 TQCSI has recently created new Regional Offices in Mongolia and the USA, and undergone office and witness assessments from ANAB for accreditation to the Aviation, Space & Defence (ASD) Standards (AS 9100 Series).



Few people realise just how many projects are publicly funded, but it forms a large proportion of major project spend worldwide. The numbers can be mind-blowing, for example in the UK, the Government funded major projects portfolio is some $800bn lifetime value. Defence forms a high profile major part of this, echoing the Australian Government’s recent commitments to some $200bn of defence capability acquisition ranging from submarines and ships to aircraft and land-based vehicles for the Australian Defence Force.

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