@TQCSI has launched the TQCSI Human Resources Compliance Code, believed to be the first of its type in the world. Published in August 2019, the HR Compliance Code was developed following consultation with ‘people and culture’ professionals, including international experts.

The HR Compliance Code is intended to be used as a guide for organisations who wish to implement a management system ensuring they respect legislation, agreements and conventions people work under.

TQCSI audits and certifies a number of high-end hotel chains throughout Asia, many of whom are dedicated to sustainable operations and committing significant resources to do so. Best practice is to compliment these sustainable operations with certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 & ISO 22000.

Interestingly, late last year, ISO released ISO 21401, Tourism and related services – Sustainable management systems for accommodation establishment – Requirements.

This new Standard specifies environmental, social and economic requirements to implement a sustainability management system for aspects that can be controlled by the hotel. It won’t be long before better hotels integrate ISO 21401 with their integrated management system.

All ISO management system standards (MSS) follow ISO's high-level structure, which has significantly improved the understanding and integration of MSS. The high-level structure has been in use since 2012 through an instrument known as 'Annex SL'. Annex SL is now being reviewed and a new version will be published in 2020. ISO MSS are continually evolving and improving.

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The new Version 5 of FSSC 22000 was published 28 May 2019. It is freely available electronically at https://www.fssc22000.com/scheme/scheme-documents/. Part II of the FSSC 22000 Scheme Version 5 documentation describes certification requirements for organisations.

Summary of Changes
The main reasons for the new version are to ensure its compatibility with ISO 22000:2018, compliance with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarking requirements and to resolve some issues raised with the previous version (Version 4.1).
Most of the changes are in the certification body’s management of the certification process but there are some important changes for clients as described below.

Congratulations to our new Senior Lead Auditors; Bruce Marett, Sean Moules and Sean Bates.

TQCSI has been selected as a panel member of preferred suppliers for the provision of Principal Safety Audits for the Woolworths Group in Australia.

Emp of Yr

Craig Bates, President of TQCSI, and wife, Louise, visited Fukuoka, Japan, today to present the TQCSI Employee of Year Award to Ayumi Akashi of TQCSI (OCO). Ayumi won the Award from candidates in TQCSI offices in 29 countries.

General Manager of TQCSI (OCO), Kunio Tobata, hosted an excellent dinner in one of Japan’s finest restaurants with a number of staff enjoying a uniquely Japanese fare and the finest of Japanese sake to celebrate the occasion.

Craig China


Craig Bates, President of TQCSI, visited TQCSI (China)’s offices in Shanghai this week and presented the Regional Office of the Year Award to Liu Changyi (Alex), General Manager of TQCSI (China).

TQCSI (China) was selected as the most professional of TQCSI’s 29 Regional Offices throughout Asia, the Middle East, northern Africa and western Europe and is approaching 3,000 certificates; by far the most of any TQCSI Office.

Keith Ketheeswaran

Keith Ketheeswaran, Director Governance and Performance Assurance for The GEO Group Australia Pty Ltd, is retiring this week.

Keith is respected as a doyen in Australia’s quality industry and has been a long serving director for Australia’s largest and most respected private operator of prisons, GEO. I met Keith in the mid 1990’s when he was Managing Director of QAS (now SAI Global) and even back then he led the charge for organisations to embrace risk management in their decision making.

Late last year, an independent arbitration determined that any extended distribution agreement with SAI Global will be non-exclusive.  Accordingly, Standards Australia is moving beyond the exclusive distribution arrangements that have been in place with SAI Global since 2003.

Standards Australia is committed to implementing the new arrangements later this year.

In the meantime, Australia Standards will continue to be distributed through SAI Global and Standards Australia will be providing details on its consultation over the coming months.

At last, we should see a resolution to an inept political decision made 15 years ago that has allowed an unfair advantage in the certification industry.

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