Compliance Management Service

Ensure you are notified of all changes to Legislation, Regulations, Codes of Practice, Standards and Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Maintaining certification to ISO and Australian Standards requires you to be aware of any compliance changes. Quality House Watch (QHW) ensures you are notified of any changes, eliminating the arduous information search process, as we monitor it all for you.


How we keep you notified
  • Initial emailed summary of the status of all documents

  • Six monthly summary of documents being watched

  • Emailed alerts of any changes with a link to the change.

Monitoring Legislation & Regulations
  • Select whether you want Federal or State environmental, WHS (OHS) and/or food safety legislation and regulations monitored (including food recalls), or any other legislation or regulations that you choose. 

Monitoring Codes of Practice and Standards
  • Allows you to select which Codes of Practice and/or Standards you would like watched

  • Monitors those Codes of Practice and Standards, and notifies you if any changes are made.

Monitoring Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Initial emailed summary of SDS status

  • Six monthly emailed summary of SDS being watched

  • Emailed alerts of any changes to SDS

  • If the SDS is not immediately available, QHW will obtain it

  • QHW will email you with an initial report of SDS retained and copies of all SDS

  • SDS are updated whenever changed and also every 2½ years 

  • If any new substances are acquired - we will update the website and email you an alert.


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