Government Gateway Review - overhead mass rail transit project


What is a Gateway Review

Gateway Reviews are designed to strengthen governance and assurance practices and to improve efficient delivery and successful outcomes for publicly funded major projects and programs. If you are implementing a high-risk proposal that is subject to the Gateway Review Process, a series of short, intensive reviews will be conducted at critical points across a major projects implementation lifecycle (normally over several years).

Gateway Reviews are a series of independently led assurance reviews, testing specific areas of projects, such as: scope, schedule, cost, risk, governance and other key areas to answer the question, “will it do what it says on the can?”

Importantly, Gateway Reviews are NOT an audit – they identify issues affecting delivery and make recommendations to improve outcomes – the objective is to help the project succeed.


Gateway Review Capability

TQCSI-Yaran staff have extensive experience in conducting Government Gateway Reviews, having delivered and supported a diverse range of multi-billion-dollar mega projects in the public and private sector. TQCSI-Yaran has pragmatic, practitioner-based, multi-sector, major project delivery experience that provides credibility and gravitas with senior stakeholders.

TQCSI-Yaran staff have been leading independent assurance reviews since 2006 across multiple Government Departments, cumulatively delivering over a hundred Gateway Reviews spanning Defence, infrastructure (road, rail, tunnelling), health, science and technology, taxation, immigration, policing, prisons, utilities and power generation, Olympics and cyber security.

We are accredited to perform reviews in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, with organisations such as the UK IPA, UK Parliament, New Zealand Government and Canberra Federal Finance, in addition to State Governments in Victoria, NSW, SA, WA and Queensland.


TQCSI-Yaran’s Government Review Experience

Our experienced review team leaders have over 14 years’ experience in conducting Gateway Reviews across all sectors and departments, including:

  • Defence (land, sea, air)
  • Health, Transport (Road and Rail, tunnelling)
  • Business, Science, Technology, R&D
  • Treasury
  • Energy
  • Social Services
  • Immigration & Asylum
  • Justice and Policing / Counter Terrorism

TQCSI-Yaran has highly experienced, accredited Review Team Leaders, trained by the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA), with extensive assurance experience in major project planning and delivery.


Recent Gateway Reviews

  • Crossrail (tunnelling and rail infrastructure new build $32Bn)
  • Northern Rail Enhancement Program
  • Managed Motorways Upgrade Program
  • Level-crossing Removal Program
  • QE Aircraft Carriers ($11Bn)
  • UK new Submarine Program: Dreadnaught ($55Bn)
  • UK Nuclear Warhead / Trident program ($20Bn+)
  • Armoured Personnel Carrier (Warrior Capability Sustainment Program - $2Bn)
  • Defence Engineering and Systems (DE&S) re-engineering / restructuring.

Major Electricity Generating, operation, infrastructure and Decommissioning projects

  • National Pan-Flu Epidemic Vaccination program
  • Child immunisation program
  • 100,000 Genome project – national gene sequencing for cancer and rare diseases
  • Government Digital channel shift programs, including taxation, work & pensions
  • Government estate management: Future Facilities Management Program procurement
  • Justice: Prisons & Youth Justice Program, Counter Terrorism Policing Network, Asylum Program, Physical and Cyber Security upgrade program for critical national infrastructure including Resilience and Emergency Response ($2Bn)

Francis Crick Institute ($1.3Bn bio-medical research facility new build), extensive nuclear experience e.g. Geological Disposal, operations, new build and decommissioning

TQCSI-Yaran reviewers have also conducted a wide range of Lessons Learned Reviews, documenting information that reflects both the positive and negative experiences of a project, including: 2012 Olympics, Defence restructuring, analytical services, submarine program, common causes of project failure, high-value contracting and supply chain management.

We also implemented the Gateway system for the UK's highest risk, highest complexity and highest value projects, and are currently designing the Gateway Suite for implementation in South Australia.


Capacity Summary

  • Major / mega project & program delivery experience
  • Complete Project lifecycle delivery and review experience from concept and initiation to close-out
  • Ability to draw on a large pool of experienced auditors and consultants with experience of a very wide range of sectors and industries
  • We can also provide consultancy support and advice on implementing effective Governance, Business Management, Assurance / Auditing and Reporting structures and systems

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