ISO 9001:2015 - Requirements


What is the ISO 9001 standard?

ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems (QMS) is the most fundamental management system standard and allows customers to be confident they can expect the same product or service, time and time again, without variation. Moreover, through the continual improvement process, the product or service can only improve. Well over a million organisations throughout the world across every industry sector have adopted ISO 9001 to achieve uniformity in their business processes.



Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification

Businesses of all sizes have experienced the benefits of becoming ISO 9001 certified. By examining and improving your internal quality management processes, you will build a reputation for delivering quality products and services, every time. The ISO tick of quality makes you stand out from your competitors and provides assurances to potential customers.

The benefits of an ISO 9001 certified quality management system often include:

  • increased efficiency
  • reduced costs
  • increased customer satisfaction and repeat business
  • increased morale and motivation of staff
  • enhanced company profile
  • confidence that the business will operate as intended
  • ability to allow employees to get on with the job without direct supervision
  • meeting client, pre-qualification or regulatory requirements
  • easily integrated with other management systems.


Why certify your QMS with TQCSI?

TQCSI has a global network of offices, each one staffed by local experts. This means we can deliver a localised service at an affordable price. When you work with us, you can be sure that the auditor understands your operating environment and speaks your language.

As the world's largest JSA-ANZ certification body, we have certified thousands of Quality Management Systems for businesses of all shapes and sizes. With our extensive experience and local knowledge, we make the certification process easy, whether you're starting from scratch or transferring your ISO 9001 certification from another certification body.


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Preparing for ISO 9001 Certification of your Quality Management System

When our auditors undertake the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certification process, they will be assessing your systems and supporting documentation. If you have all your documentation in order before they begin, you can expect a simple, ISO 9001 certification process.

Below is a checklist of typical items and system documentation that a compliant ISO 9001:2015 system might have.


Quality Management System Requirements

ISO 9001 standard requires organisations to show that they: 

  • understand their external & internal issues, and interested parties
  • have a Quality Policy describing senior management’s commitment to quality
  • embrace risks and opportunities throughout the business
  • develop a Quality or Management Manual
  • develop procedures or work instructions
  • develop and monitor quality objectives
  • ensure staff are competent and understand the quality management system
  • ensure customers’ requirements are clearly understood and met
  • design new products & services in a controlled manner
  • control any outsourced work and purchasing of materials
  • control work so the final product or service is as planned
  • monitor performance and customer satisfaction
  • control nonconformances and nonconforming product
  • take corrective action for significant or repetitive non-conformances
  • conduct internal audits of the quality management system
  • ensure senior management strategically review the quality management system.


Documentation Requirements

To meet the ISO9001:2015 requirements, you will need to have the following documents:

  • Quality Policy
  • Quality or Management Manual
  • Procedures or Work Instructions
  • Forms
  • Quality Improvement Plan (monitoring quality objectives and targets)
  • Registers – for non-conformances and corrective action.


Implementing a Quality Management System

A Quality Management System (QMS) encompasses all the processes, resources, assets, and cultural values that support organisational efficiency and customer satisfaction outcomes. We will audit the implementation of your Quality Management System against the ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

Implementing ISO 9001 certified quality management systems


ISO 9001 Certification Mark for Quality Management Systems

   ISO 9001 Certification Logo

Once certified, you can show your commitment to quality with our ISO 9001 certification mark. The TQCSI tick of quality is recognised worldwide as the gold standard in Quality Management Systems certification.



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