What is ISO 44001 Certification?

ISO 44001 is the international standard for collaborative business relationship management systems. This standard provides specific requirements that help in identifying, developing, and managing effective collaborative internal and external organisational relationships (with suppliers, customers, cross-functional teams and other partners).


How to prepare for ISO 44001 certification

When you apply for ISO 44001 certification of your Collaborative Business Relationship Management System, our auditors will be examining your systems and supporting documentation.

Below are some of the requirements you will need to satisfy the ISO 44001 requirements.


System Requirements

A Collaborative Business Relationship Management System requires organisations to:

  • Determine their external and internal issues and interested parties
  • Establish the scope of system by determining boundaries and applicability
  • Define processes for identifying and prioritizing significant internal and external relationships
  • Determine and provide resources for the establishment and ongoing development of the system
  • Ensure staff are competent and understand the business relationship management system
  • Determine the need for internal and external communications
  • Develop procedures or work instructions and other documents as required
  • Control outsources processes, planned changes and review consequences of unintended changes
  • Conduct an initial risk assessment
  • Conduct an internal assessment for strengths and weaknesses
  • Nominate and establish required criteria for collaborative partner assessment
  • Monitor performance and address nonconformances by taking required corrective action
  • Conduct internal audits of the management system
  • Ensure that top management reviews the system at planned intervals.


Documentation Requirements

Organisations must have the following documentation in place although the detail within the documents will vary depending on what business you're in and your organisation's size:

  • Collaborative Business Relationship Policy (purpose, framework, objectives and commitment)
  • Collaborative Approach Plan
  • Relationship Management Plan
  • Corporate Relationship Management Plan
  • Processes or Procedures
  • Improvement Plan (objectives and targets)
  • Registers (nonconformances and corrective action)
  • Agreements or contracts
  • Evaluation and Analysis Reports.


Implementation Requirements

Your Collaborative Business Relationship Management System refers to all the processes, strategies, collaborations, partnerships and joint value creation for implementing a flexible and robust system. The system will support collaborative relationships involving two or more businesses. TQCSI will then audit your Collaborative Business Relationship Management System’s implementation against the ISO 44001:2017 requirements.

ISO 44001 collaborative relationship certification mark


Benefits of ISO 44001 Certification

ISO 44001 certification helps ensure organisations/businesses follow a structured approach for sharing the resources, experience and skills in a collaborative environment while creating and maintaining effective relationships. ISO 44001 certification will demonstrate to the organisation’s business partners and other interested parties that you are committed to transparency and good governance. You will be able to identify competitive benefits once a shared approach is followed for addressing business opportunities. Further, through clear communication and transparency, more efficient and sustainable growth of businesses can be achieved.

Specific benefits of a Collaborative Business Relationship Management System include:

  • Improved efficiency through mutually beneficial collaborations
  • Reduced costs through shared strategic approach (skills, costs, risks and resources)
  • Effective and improved decision making through clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Enhanced company profile and business growth
  • Increased productivity through better business relationships
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Enhanced business opportunities and benefits through collaborative efforts.


Why be certified by TQCSI?

TQCSI is the world’s largest JAS-ANZ accredited certification body, providing auditing and certification of international management system standards. We have offices across the globe, allowing us to offer an affordable service delivered by local experts.

We have certified thousands of businesses of all sizes across all industries to the ISO management system standards. Our proven system of certification is easy, efficient and cost-effective, no matter what industry you're in or how big or small your business is.

If you'd like to transfer your certification from another certifying body, we make that easy for you too. Finally, we walk the talk – our JAS-ANZ and ANAB accreditation to ISO 17021-1 is based on the ISO Standards and, specifically, ISO 9001.


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Certification Marks

Our collaborative business relationship management system certification marks are recognised worldwide. Once certified, you can proudly display the certification mark to promote your ISO 44001 certification.

ISO 44001 certification markYaran ISO 44001 certification Mark


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