ISO 27001 Certification of Information Security Management Systems


What is the ISO 27001:2022 standard?

At a time when more of us are digitally connected and working remotely than ever before, protecting your information security has never been more important. The ISO 27001 standard is the international standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). It helps organisations proactively manage their information security risks and protect their information assets.

ISO 27001 requires organisations to adopt a risk based approach to the security of all information. ISO 27001 is not a prescriptive document, rather it is intended to enable organisations to ensure the security of information through the assessment and treatment of information security risks, documented in a Statement of Applicability.

The ISO 27001 standard provides a framework that helps organisations secure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their information assets. That means that only authorised people can access and alter information, and they can access the information when they need it.



Adopting the standard helps you manage the security of all kinds of information, including financial information, employee details, intellectual property or information entrusted to you by third parties. It also helps you meet the information security requirements of regional laws such as the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the NIS (Network and Information Systems) Regulations.

TQCSI can recertify your existing Information Security Management System or help you become newly certified if you are implementing an ISMS for the first time (please see below regarding certifying or transitioning to ISO 27001:2022). Our team of auditors have extensive real-world experience combined with an in-depth knowledge of the ISO 27001 standard.


Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification

An Information Security Management System that is ISO 27001 certified demonstrates your commitment to protecting information that has been entrusted to you. Whether that be by your employees, suppliers, or partners. It also helps you manage risks to your information security and identify potential threats before they become serious.

The benefits of achieving ISO 27001 certification for your Information Security Management System are varied, and include:

  • Demonstrated due diligence by meeting regulatory and customer requirements
  • Meeting international best practice for security
  • Meeting tender requirements and stand out from the competition
  • Improved reputation and enhanced company profile
  • Demonstrated integrity of data to customers, suppliers and other stakeholders
  • Reduced risk of fraud, information loss and disclosure
  • Increased resilience to cyber attacks
  • Prompt detection of data leakage and rapid reaction to breaches
  • Reduced costs associated with information security
  • All forms of information, ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of data secured
  • Ensured workplace confidentiality and improved company culture
  • Easily integrated with other management systems.


Why certify with TQCSI?

Let your customers know that your organisation's policies and procedures are aligned with internationally recognised information security best practices.

When you choose TQCSI to certify your Information Security Management System, you benefit from real-world practitioner expertise, not just academic knowledge. Our auditors are the experts in interpreting the standard and understanding practical implementations of the framework.


Let's get started

Let us share our expertise and support you on your journey to ISO 27001 compliance. Whether you have an Information Security Management System in place that you would like certified, or you're just starting, we can help. 

Contact your local TQCSI office or complete our online form to get started with your ISO 27001 certification. We will need to know what your business does, how many employees (full time equivalent) and what types of information security risks are applicable. To prevent delays, don’t wait until your Information Security Management System is fully implemented.


How to prepare for your ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems certification

To help you achieve your ISO 27001 certification with ease, we have prepared a checklist of items we'll be examining during your audit.


System Requirements

To be ISO 27001 compliant, your organisation must

  • Identify information security risks
  • Understand external and internal issues, and interested parties, relevant to information security
  • Develop an Information Security Policy declaring a commitment to information security
  • Develop a Statement of Applicability, documenting the assessment of identified information security risks and establishing controls (risk treatment) based on reference controls documented in Annex A of ISO 27001
  • Develop an ISMS or Management Manual that briefly addresses the clauses of ISO 27001; often integrated with the Manual for other management systems
  • Develop procedures and instructions required to address information security
  • Control any outsourcing of information management
  • Develop and monitor information security objectives and targets
  • Embrace information security risks and opportunities throughout the business
  • Ensure staff are competent and understand their information security responsibilities
  • Monitor information security performance
  • Control information security nonconformances and take corrective action for significant or repetitive nonconformances
  • Conduct internal audits of the information security management system
  • Ensure senior management strategically review the information security management system


Documentation Requirements

To achieve ISO 27001 certification for your Information Security Management System, organisations must consider the following documentation:

  • Information Security Policy Statement of Applicability
  • ISMS or Management Manual Procedures
  • Improvement Plan - monitoring information security objectives and targets
  • Registers for nonconformances and corrective action


Implementing your Information Security Management System

To ISO 27001 standard's best-practice approach helps organisations manage their information security by addressing people, processes and technology.

Implementing ISO 27001 - Information Security Management Systems ISMS


Transition from ISO 27001:2013 to ISO 27001:2022

ISO/IEC 27001:2022 was published in October 2022.  It is not a fully revised edition; the main changes are:

  • Annex A references the controls in ISO 27002:2022, which includes the information of control title and control
  • The notes of Clause 6.1.3.c are revised editorially, including deleting the control objectives and using “information security control” to replace “control”
  • The wording of Clause 6.1.3.d is re-organized to remove potential ambiguity.

The number of controls in ISO 27002:2022 decreases from 114 controls in 14 clauses to 93 controls in 4 clauses. Of those, 11 controls are new, 24 are merged from the existing controls, and 58 are updated. Moreover, the control structure is revised, which introduces “attribute” and “purpose” for each control and no longer uses “objective” for a group of controls.

Clients may apply to be audited and certified to the old Standard (ISO 27001:2013) until 30 April 2023, after which only applications against the new Standard (ISO 27001:2022) will be accepted. Clients may request to be audited and certified to the new Standard (ISO 27001:2022) from 1 November 2022.

All clients must be audited and certified to ISO 27001:2022 no later than three years following its publication (30 October 2022). No certification to ISO 27001:2013 is permitted after 30 October 2025.


ISO 27001 Certification Mark for Information Security Management Systems

ISO 27001 Certification Mark 2022

Once obtained, this certification mark can be used on all marketing material to promote your ISO 27001 Information Security Management System certification.This ISO 27001 certification mark is internationally recognised as the highest standard in Information Security Management Systems.


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