We offer a broad range of services, including the auditing and certification of international standards and codes, supplier or 2nd party auditing, compliance management through Quality House Watch, facilitating trade of your products/services through TQCSI Trading, auditor training, and government gateway reviews.


Certification of Management Systems to Standards

We audit and certify organisations to international standards for management systems across all sectors throughout the world.

Our certification of standards include JAS-ANZ accredited programs to ISO management system standards, ANAB accredited programs for the Aviation, Space & Defence standards, and a range of non-accredited programs (both standards and codes). Click here for more details of our Certification Services.


Supplier Auditing

A business’s supply chain is vital when seeking to achieve consistent standards for clients. It is important to ensure that suppliers meet all requirements set by their clients, including management system standards and other industry specific requirements.

Supplier Audits, also known as 2nd party audits, can assure you of your suppliers’ performance, using our local auditors throughout the world at a fraction of the cost of auditing them yourself.


Quality House Watch – Compliance Management Service

Our compliance management service through Quality House Watch ensures you are aware of current legislation, regulations, codes, standards and safety data sheets relevant to your organisation. We watch those documents and alert you whenever they change.

Read about how we can watch your documents through our Compliance Management Service.


TQCSI Trading

TQCSI Trading, through Quality Trade, helps promote your certification and facilitate trade with businesses seeking products and services provided by appropriately certified companies. Quality Trade is a merit-based B2B platform connecting procurement professionals with certified suppliers. When your business is certified through TQCSI to any standard, your business will be listed on Quality Trade, free of charge.

Read about how this free service can Benefit Your Business.


Auditor Training

All management system standards require you to internally audit your management system at regular intervals. Ensure your internal auditors are appropriately trained through our certified Internal Auditing Course. Other training courses available include Lead Auditor Courses for Quality, Environment, Safety, Food Safety, Information Security and Asset Management.

Our Auditor Training Courses can arm your business with competent auditors.


Government Gateway Reviews

Independent assurance reviews are vital to improve the delivery and the likelihood of successful outcomes for major projects in both the government and private sectors. The Gateway Review process conducts reviews at critical points in a project lifecycle, seeks to identify any issues that may affect delivery and provide recommendations to improve outcomes.


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