Employee of the Year Ayumi Akashi of TQCSI (OCO)


Ayumi Akashi of TQCSI (OCO) won the TQCSI Employee of Year Award from candidates in TQCSI offices, in 29 countries.

General Manager of TQCSI (OCO), Kunio Tobata, hosted an excellent dinner in one of Japan’s finest restaurants with a number of staff enjoying a uniquely Japanese fare and the finest of Japanese sake to celebrate the occasion.

Ayumi is a long-time employee of TQCSI and has displayed a long history of tireless effort to ensure TQCSI (OCO) strictly complies with TQCSI procedures. Craig Bates lauded Ayumi as the “rock of the office and a fine example of professional Japanese women adding value to ISO certification”.

The dinner followed discussions on how TQCSI (OCO) will pursue FSSC 22000 certification in the near future.


Craig Bates is President and Managing Director of TQCS International Pty Ltd (TQCSI).


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