TQCSI overtakes SAI Global as the largest JAS-ANZ accredited certification body


From humble beginnings in Adelaide in 1995, TQCS commenced auditing and certifying Australian companies for their management systems. Now the Company has grown to become the country’s biggest management systems certifier operating throughout the world.

Celebrating the occasion at its Head Office at Quality House in Adelaide, South Australia, TQCSI’s President and Managing Director, Craig Bates, mused that “while being the largest contributor to JAS-ANZ’s coffers is one thing (!), I’m immensely proud of what we’ve achieved over the last 25 years”.

TQCSI now has 8,415+ active JAS-ANZ accredited certificates for ISO management system standards issued in 35 countries managed by 27 Regional Offices.

The tremendous growth since 2000 when TQCS expanded operations internationally and changed name to TQCS International, or TQCSI for short, has been an exciting journey. Craig added “our greatest challenge has been to ensure all of our offices strictly conform to our procedures so we don’t jeopardise our JAS-ANZ accreditation. The numbers are great but our focus is not on being the biggest – we are firmly focussed on being the most professional management systems certification body wherever we operate, and all that we do is based on that mission.”

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