TQCSI 2019 Awards winners for regional offices and team members


TQCSI has announced the following awards for 2019:


Regional Office of the Year – TQCSI (Thailand) 

TQCSI (Thailand) has been a very stable and reliable Regional Office for TQCSI, ably led by Nuruth Phanichamnuay since 2002. The office is excellently managed by their General Manager and professional administrative staff with a small number of competent auditors. TQCSI (Thailand) consistently demonstrates compliance with TQCSI procedures and audit reporting requirements. While certificate numbers are not high, they have doubled in the last three years and continue to steadily increase, particularly in food safety certification.


TQCSI Auditor of the Year – Mr Peng Liang of TQCSI (China) 

Peng Liang (Michael) is an experienced quality, environmental and safety lead auditor, who is also TQCSI (China)’s Marketing Manager. Feedback from clients and other auditors attest to Michael’s professionalism as an auditor. His audit reports fully meet TQCSI’s requirements and are completed in a timely manner, and he consistently follows TQCSI procedures. Michael is also a Regional Assessor for TQCSI Head Office.


TQCSI Employee of Year – Ms Thipawan Inthanee of TQCSI (Thailand) 

Thipawan, who is TQCSI (Thailand)’s Assistant Manager of Operations, is a natural leader with exceptional organizational skills. Her ability to plan a strategy and ensure it is implemented accurately and quickly has significantly contributed to the success of TQCSI (Thailand). Thipawan is also a competent quality, HACCP and GMP auditor. 


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