TQCSI Mongolia Oyuntugs Batbaatar

We discovered that TQCSI (Mongolia) has been part of the TQCSI family for 3+ years, they told us “the best thing about being a TQCSI RO is the support, easy interactions, the team and professionalism from Head Office.”

In December last year TQCSI (Mongolia) held a ceremony for their clients, this was an instant success and is highlighted on their website along with other events and marketing initiatives. TQCSI (Mongolia) takes great pride in being able to support and assist their clientele and has seen an increase in local businesses wanting to gain ISO certification.

@Mongolia - GM - Oyuntugs Batbaatar said they are proud to be part of the TQCSI family and see great opportunities ahead! Oyuntugs ended our conversation with some final words of wisdom, “If the person will try hard, the fate will try hard”.

We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with TQCSI Mongolia!

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