FSSC 22000

FSSC 22000 is growing 10% per year with 32,000+ certificates worldwide.


New IT tools for data sharing:

  • FSSC ON-Site” has been launched, where organisations can subscribe for realtime access to the certification status of FSSC certified organisations, based on an annual fee, and receive notifications in case a certificate status changes. This tool can be used by any organisation to monitor their suppliers and integrate information into their own IT system through API, instead of regularly having to request up to date certificates from their suppliers. Companies such as Nestle and YUM! confirmed that they are keen to use this tool to save time in their supplier assessment process. Further information on FSSC ON-Site can be found on the FSSC website under the following link https://www.fssc.com/insights/discover-fssc-on-site-our-solution-for-real-time-access-to-fssc-22000-certification-status/
  • FSSC IN-Site” will be launched for certified organisations with more than 5 sites to monitor their performance through access to audit and certificate data and NCRs on the FSSC Assurance Platform based on the data uploaded by their Certification Body. Certified Organisations will then be able to also grant access to this data to their customers (retailers, industry partners, etc.) through “FSSC OUT-Site”. YUM! are supporting FSSC with the co-creation of FSSC OUT-Site and are planning on removing 2nd party auditing of their suppliers once they have access to their suppliers’ audit performance through this program. Similar programs must be in development by BRC and the like.  

FSSC 22000 Version 6:

  • Training in V6 will be rolled out in July 2023 for relevant office staff (Head Office and ROs) and qualified FSSC auditors.
  • V6 includes additional requirements for the management of food loss and waste with the aim to contribute towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals to halve per capita global food waste by 2030. The new version also addresses quality control parameters and food safety and quality culture.
  • FSSC V6 certificates will show a QR Code provided by the Foundation FSSC to further enhance certificate authenticity.
  • Minimum audit duration for V6 will be 2 days and minimum audit report writing time will be 1 day (increased from previously 0.75 day).
  • The transition process from FSSC V5.1 to V6 is described in WI 54 and has been communicated to ROs, certified clients and applicants through the transition letter sent out end of April this year. Audits against FSSC V6 will commence on 1 April 2024.

FSSC 22000 KPIs:

  • The Foundation FSSC is implementing a number of KPIs to monitor Certification Bodies performance. These are being trialled and will be fully implemented in the first quarter of 2024. Dashboards are already in place and monitored by Head Office on the FSSC Assurance Platform (see screenshot below).
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