TQCSI's ANAB accreditation


TQCSI is very pleased to now be officially recognised as the only Australian aerospace accredited, certification body. Accreditation to AS 9100 & AS 9120 has been awarded by ANAB (ANSI National Accreditation Board), the largest multi-disciplinary accreditation body in North America and the world’s biggest in aerospace accreditation.

This is great news for the aviation, space and defence (ASD) industries throughout Australasia, who can now rely on a local provider for certification.

To mark this achievement, we asked ANAB Vice President Management Systems, Lori Gillespie, to remotely present the certificate rather than battling the COVID-19 elements for a photo opportunity! With the help of ICT magic, Lori presented the Accreditation Certificate to TQCSI Accreditation Manager, Sean Bates, with Project Manager, Sean Moules, looking on.

Both, TQCSI and ANAB, have embraced ICT more earnestly in the last few months with ANAB conducting remote assessments of certification bodies and TQCSI conducting remote audits of clients. Auditing remotely has proven remarkably successful and, while it won’t replace physical audits, it will likely reduce the on-site auditing time for better performing organisations in the future. That is the TQCSI way: pro-actively embracing new technologies to offer the most professional auditing and certification service to our world-wide clientele. 

We celebrate this achievement and thank ANAB for their trust in a partnership that we expect to last for decades to come. 

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