TQCSI grants Amaero International AS 9100 certification


Amaero supplies high-end industrial components to the world’s leading manufacturers of aerospace and defence products in both an R&D and manufacturing capability, and has a demonstrated ability to deliver aviation and military grade 3D printed alloy components for critical applications.

TQCSI Program Director, Sean Moules, commented “3D printing is a rapidly evolving, dynamic industry with huge potential to cost-effectively create high performance components. As an engineer, perhaps what is most exciting is the ability to design and create components that could not be manufactured in the same way using conventional techniques. It’s very gratifying to provide certification to a high-profile company with enormous potential to improve the capabilities of the Australian Defence supply chain such as Amaero”.

The Defence-grade 3D printing sector is well placed to provide other countries with the capability to manufacture their own critical components. To have an Australian company like Amaero certified to AS 9100 will positively impact Australian aviation, space and defence industry capability in multiple ways, either supporting local industries or contributing to global defence primes.

Amaero is co-located with MCAM in Melbourne, having additional facilities in El Segundo, California, and its recently launched operations in Adelaide, South Australia. Further information can be found via their website http://www.amaero.com.au/.

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