Two to three years ago, most organisations that asked us to audit their cyber security systems were either looking to ensure the risk to their business was being effectively mitigated or were being asked by their customers to attain information security certification as a requirement for future contracts. Increasingly, a third category is now emerging – businesses that have been hacked and suffered data loss through malware or ransomware attacks, and want to prevent future attacks.

We welcome Heo In Kyeong to ‘TQCSI (Korea)’ team. Heo In Kyeong has taken the position of Office Coordinator. We are pleased to have you join the team and we wish you all the best.

TQCSI (Korea) wanted to mention that one of the best things about being included in the TQCSI family was Craig Bates and his clear, precise reliability and his constant support as well as always being above board and strict in the operational process. They like the way Craig listens and is solution driven, and always on the front foot.

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Today we spoke with Mr. Berry Boen, General Manager of TQCSI Indonesia, and he told us that their office has been operating for seven years since 2014 and that they audit to all ISO Standards.

Berry added that he is grateful to TQCSI for all the guidance and support throughout the years, the excellent correspondence shared and that the regular teleconferences Head Office has with ROs from all over the world are very insightful and ensure a better understanding by all.

At the moment, Berry and his team are focused on helping new businesses achieve certification, while maintaining current business relationships, which includes ongoing support through this COVID-19 period and beyond.

Craig Bates (President and Managing Director) of TQCSI added that it has been great to see TQCSI (Indonesia) grow over the last seven years and that he is looking forward to continued growth in the future. He thanked Berry for his long standing business relationship that they share together.

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Wednesday 9 June marks World Accreditation Day (#WAD2021), a global initiative established jointly by the International Accreditation Forum and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation

The theme of the 2021 World Accreditation Day is "Accreditation: Improving Food Safety". This year’s theme focuses on how accreditation improves food safety, supporting the confidence of consumers, suppliers, purchasers, regulators, and specifiers in the quality and safety of food.


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Christine MacDonald from TQCS International (Australia) spoke with Ms Remonda Sweis, General Manager of and her team, and she told us that they are very pleased to be a part of the TQCSI family. Craig Bates added that is operating very well and he is very pleased to see their continual growth.

TQCSI (Jordan) certified its first client over 6 years ago and since 2014 TQCSI (Jordan) has worked hard to become established as a credible provider of auditing and certification services in Jordan and neighbouring countries. TQCSI (Jordan) certifies The Crown Plaza, Holiday Inn, The Boulevard Arjaan by Rotana, Amma Rotana, Fairmont Amman, Grand Millennium Hotel, Fairmont Amman and the Hayat Regency. HACCP and FSSC 22000 are among the standards that TQCSI (Jordan) specialises in.

ISO 27001 free Seminar



ISO 27001 for Information Security Management Systems is fast becoming a requirement for many industry sectors as cyber-crime grows.  Accordingly, we are offering free seminars about ISO 27001 and the alternatives. The seminar will cover how to get started, what’s involved and typical costs. 

There are two onsite seminars and one online.  This is a no cost event and there will be a light lunch provided.

Seminar dates are:

  • Thursday 13 May, 10.30-12.30 at Quality House
  • Tuesday  25 May, 10.30-12.30 online.
  • Thursday 27 May, 10.30-12.30 at Quality House

Contact us for bookings and enquires:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 08 8347 0603 


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Christine MacDonald spoke to Annie and Heidi Kuo and her team from TQCSI (Taiwan) and learned that they have been a part of the TQCSI family since 2001 and have over 1300 certificates, specialising in food safety and HACCP. TQCSI (Taiwan) also paid special mention to their Client of the Year winner from last year, Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel; well done Shangri-La (link)
TQCSI (Taiwan) also certify the Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel, Le Meridien, The Westin Yilan Resort and many more.
It is clear the relationship between Head Office, Annie and her team is special. Heidi stated that it feels really good to be a part of the TQCSI family and this has been a wonderful 20 years building the Company’s success. She added that Craig Bates and his team have always been reliable, trustworthy, helpful and honest which is exactly what they wanted. They see a bright successful future and expressed the importance of being client focused and having a good team is the secret to their longevity.
Craig Bates added that TQCSI (Taiwan) is doing well and he is excited for their future; it has been a pleasure having them as an integral part of the TQCSI family.

TQCSI at the launch of HYDI Hydrogen

We were recently privileged to be present at the launch of South Australian business HYDI Hydrogen’s device that is a solution to reduce carbon emissions without compromising efficiency.  Designed and developed in Australia, this future focused technology that can remove diesel emissions through hydrogen demand is sure to excite the industry.  Solo Resource Recovery recently fitted trucks across the country, which is a first for their industry.  


HYDI Hydrogen has also gone global with the device being used in New Zealand, Neverlands, Scotland, Great Britain and Egypt for mining equipment, prime movers, garbage trucks and public buses. With supply chains around the world relying on diesel transport it is evident that a solution was needed.


Trade and Investment Minister, Stephen Patterson, welcomed the use of the device for South Australia, adding “an innovation which reduces carbon emissions in our community is to be welcomed.”


John Wilson, Managing Director of HYDI Hydrogen, said “the chemical free nature and low power draw of HYDI made it safe while the other hydrogen systems on the market used electrolytes or alkaline solutions that were potentially volatile and raised safety concerns”.


South Australian Manager for Solo, Adrian Rose, said “ We believe we have the responsibility to the communities in which we operate, and to the world at large, to contribute to a net zero carbon emissions.”


This new and innovative Australian technology has substantial economic and environmental benefits.



Thailand TQCSI - Certification Body


Christine Macdonald and Jason Ng spoke to TQCSI (Thailand)’s General Manager, Nuruth Phanichamnuay, and his team.  They discussed that they have been part of the TQCSI family since 2004 and boast over 100 certificates.  Their most common standards are for quality and food safety.  Nuruth, who is one of TQCSI’s most experienced auditors, added that they have many long term clients, some that have been with them since the beginning. With the challenges that we have all faced over the last year, Nuruth and his team remain optimistic and see a positive outlook moving forward.

TQCSI (Thailand) has adjusted and moved with the times by adapting and implementing more flexibility and support to team members that need to work from home – he noted that things are always changing and we need to be ready and adapt to this for successful growth in business.  A good example of this is remote audits, which has been a positive outcome and, although it was new, adaptation was quick and it feels like this went smoothly and has allowed much more flexibility with clients.

It is important that we look after our clients and it’s the small details that allows us to have the clientele that we have and the longevity that we have. There is also a focus to work with the health care and pharmaceutical industries which is growing in  importance across the world; this is great opportunity for TQCSI to continue to grow the business.

Nuruth expressed that he was grateful for the software system that we use in our day to day operations which gives us a competitive advantage over other certification bodies and allows us to achieve a high standard every time.  He also noted the software is continually being upgraded. This system was designed and introduced at the beginning and has added great value and confidence to the TQCSI (Thailand) team.  We thank Nuruth and his team at TQCSI (Thailand) for being a part of the TQCSI family and we look forward to their continued growth and success in the future.

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