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It is with great pleasure that we announce TQCSI has achieved Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) membership. This membership status enables TQCSI to continue to provide increased support to Defence Industry.

TQCSI continues to strengthen its Sovereign Industrial Capability after becoming Australia’s only certification body to provide AS 9100-series accreditation – enabling Australian companies to achieve the highest Quality Management System Standards for Aerospace, Space and Defence.

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Although TQCSI certified its first client in China 20 years ago, TQCSI (China) was only established in 2015 and since then has grown very quickly.

We spoke to Alex Liu, General Manager of TQCSI (China), who has known Craig Bates (President and Managing Director) for 20+ years.  Alex advised that “TQCSI (China) now has more than 4000 certificates and specialises in ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001.”

Craig Bates added that “TQCSI (China) is not only doing well in terms of numbers of certificates but that they have a large and dedicated team who have proven themselves to be very professional.  So much so that they have been praised by the local authorities as one of the best certification bodies operating in China.  Unlike all of our other offices throughout the world, TQCSI (China) has no problems sourcing clients, their main problem is finding enough qualified auditors!”

Alex mentioned that “the best thing about working with TQCSI is that there is always a consistency of support from Head Office and we feel very much a part of the TQCSI family. We also really enjoy being able to support local Chinese businesses with all their certification needs”.

TQCSI (China) looks forward to many more years working to achieve excellence and supporting Chinese businesses with all their certification needs.

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Congratulations Gilberts Transport on 20 years of Certification.

Gilberts Transport Service is now included in the 20 Years Club which is listed on our website. Thank you Gilberts for choosing TQCS International for all your certification needs. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you and working together to achieve excellence.



TQCSI has now been formally approved by ANAB for accreditation to AS 9110, QMS Requirements for Aviation Maintenance Organisations.

TQCSI is the only Australian certification body accredited to the Aviation, Space & Defence Standards, AS 9100 & 9120, which was achieved in early 2020.

TQCSI’s Accreditation Manager, Sean Bates, informed his team “This is great news for TQCSI and for the aviation, space and defence (ASD) industries throughout Australasia, who can now rely on a local provider for certification to all three ASD Standards.” He added ”We now have most of the qualified assessors for these standards in Australasia working for us and many companies are transferring their certification to TQCSI.”

AS 9100 for ASD manufacturers, AS 9110 for aviation maintenance organisations and AS 9120 for ASD distributors are exhaustive quality management system (QMS) standards that compliment ISO 9001 certification.

TQCSI’s Managing Director and President, Craig Bates, thanked his team “This effectively ends a three year project to develop a sovereign capability to provide local certification to ASD Standards in this country. We were assisted with a Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority grant, which helped defray some of the very significant costs to train auditors in the US and achieve accreditation from ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) based in the US. However, it was the work to develop procedures and processes to meet ANAB’s high standards which I appreciate the most, and I want to thank Sean Moules and Sean Bates, in particular, for their outstanding efforts.”

Certification to the ASD Standards is undertaken by TQCSI and its sister company, TQCSI-Yaran, throughout Australasia.

We celebrate this achievement and thank ANAB for their trust in a partnership that we expect to last for decades to come.


meet the area manager Darren
How long have you been an auditor?

"I have been auditing since 2004. I started as a consultant in Melbourne conducting 1st and 2nd party audits for clients. I then joined a certification body (DNV) and conducted 3rd party audits and training domestically and internationally. In 2010 I started a family and needed to travel less so I moved back into industry (mining and Ports), again conducting 1st and 2nd party audits. At the end of 2019 I established a consultancy and recommenced 3rd party audits."


What is your favourite movie or book?

"My favorite investment book is the Barefoot Investor. My favorite fiction novel is Different Seasons by Stephen King. I recently finished The Naked CEO by Alex Malley which was also an entertaining read. "


What do you like most about being an auditor?

"I enjoy working with clients and seeing their confidence build. This comes from incremental improvements in operational performance and workplace culture as they implement and continually improve their management systems. "


What is your favourite place?

"Anywhere near the coast. Whilst originally from Melbourne my family now call South West WA home and it's pretty special."



Supashock has recently completed AS9100D Certification and had also been awarded TQCSI's Client of the Year - Australia, for 2020!

Supashock has been demonstrated excellence in management system development, implementation and maintenance, and, particularly, promote their management system through continual improvement and international certification against respective standards.

This certification will allow them to supply our advanced technologies to aviation and space industries globally.

TQCSI is very proud of being part of your achievements!

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Wayne Gobert OAM  M Def S  GDP Mgmt.  FAHRI

Wayne has over 30 years’ experience as a People and Culture Executive. He currently provides support to a range of organisations in Governance, HR and Culture and  business systems. Previously he held various Executive roles with several organisations including; Insurance Australia Group, Assetlink, Mitsubishi Electric and RACV.

Wayne is a Director on several Boards, is active in Veteran’s welfare and a fellow of The Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI).  He is the holder of four degrees and professional qualifications, is a recipient of the Order of Australia, and has received many other honours; including Finalist for HR Director of The Year, Global Citizen Award - Variety International, and AHRI Diversity Champion Winner.

He was elected as an independent Counsellor to Warringah Council in 2011 and was part of the Council’s transition into The Northern Beaches Council. During that time he was Council’s representative at Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre, and a member of - Warringah Council’s Gender Equity Committee and the  Warringah Council’s Economic & Business Development Committee.  Wayne rose to the rank of Commander in the Royal Australian Navy. Highlights there including serving on the staff of Prime Minister Bob Hawke, Command of a warship, graduation from The Canadian Armed Forces College and Head of the Navy Leadership School.


How long have you been an auditor?

“ I've been involved in quality auditing for ten years. This has been a plan of actual audit and being the executive responsible for the quality function."


What is your favourite movie or book?

"My favourite book is starship troopers (please not to be confused with the movie which completely went way off track). My favourite film is Greyhound with Tom Hanks."


What do you like most about being an auditor?

"What I like most about being auditor at the personal level is helping people and growing through saying a range of businesses and nominations and the people who work within. Ultimately this is all about improvement to both companies we work with and ourselves."


What is your favourite place?

"This may sound boring, but my favourite place is actually where I live - Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury River.”

“I love working in this field - particularly bursting the bubble that quality is just about a clipboard approach telling people what they have done wrong. Of course, we must draw attention when things aren't conforming. However, the real joy comes from people seeing that there may be a better way to do something.”




AQMS SM post template levett


TQCSI would like to thank Levett Engineering for choosing TQCSI for all their certification needs.

Levett Engineering is a world leading precision component manufacturer with an Australian and International client base that includes the Defence, Aerospace, Medical, Electronics and Commercial Engineering sectors.

Levett Engineering conforms to international Quality Standards for all aerospace, defence and commercially manufactured components.

20y certification
Congratulations to Mcphee Andrewartha achieving 20 years certification of their management system. They are now included in the 20 Years Club which is listed on our website.



Following aerospace quality standards accreditation approval from ANAB earlier in 2020 for TQCSI to certify manufacturers in the aviation, space and defence industries to AS 9100, and stockists and distributors to AS 9120, TQCSI has now progressed AS 9110 accreditation to certify companies in the aviation maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) market.

For TQCSI, this is an important milestone to gain accreditation to certify companies to the full suite of all three quality standards for aviation, space and defence, in response to demand from new and potential customers.

As well as audits of TQCSIs key processes and systems, accreditation also involved independent witnessed audits of TQCSI auditors conducting audits with our clients, witnessed by qualified aerospace auditors from ANAB, our accreditation body.

The final witnessed audit took place at Adelaide-based Aerobond in December. Due to ongoing Covid restrictions on interstate travel, TQCSI deployed the new AIQG remote Audit feasibility assessment (RAFA) tool, which is a risk-based assessment tool to determine the feasibility of conducting the audit remotely.

With appropriate controls in place, this was approved, and the audit was conducted using Microsoft Teams, with both the audit lead and the ANAB auditor dialling-in remotely. For added pressure, the audit was also witnessed by an experienced aerospace auditor and quality manager from the aerospace industry!

Sean Bates, Accreditation Manager at TQCSI, observed that “The technology worked well, and the audit was successfully completed, with very positive feedback received both from ANAB and the aerospace industry assessor, with no nonconformances found in the audit process”.

Final approval from the ANAB Board is now imminent, and discussions are underway with clients to schedule audits in the coming months, both for clients with existing certification to the AS9100-series standards, and existing companies in the aviation, space and defence markets who are now looking to demonstrate their quality and safety performance meets the exacting standards required by these safety critical sectors.

Sean Moules, Program Director at TQCSI, said “TQCSI and our team of auditors are now very experienced in conducting both on-site and remote audits using a range of ICT platforms, and it remains an important tool as Covid restrictions come and go at short notice, to enable our clients to obtain and retain their key quality, safety and other international standard certifications”.

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