TQCSI's QHSE Code is the first government recognised, publicly available standard, incorporating quality, health & safety and environmental management system requirements.

Primarily developed for businesses to satisfy pre-qualification requirements of government agencies and major customers, the Code is based on and compliments the International standards for quality (ISO 9001), health & safety (AS 4801 or OHSAS 18001) and the environment (ISO 14001).

THE QHSE Code was developed after consultation with many industry experts throughout the world and has been translated into various Asian languages.

The QHSE Code was mostly recently revised in March 2013. Companies who achieve certification against the Code will be better placed to meet customers’ expectations, meet their environmental and OHS responsibilities, and provide assurance their management system will protect employees, generate customer confidence and enhance business opportunities.


Click here to view the TQCSI QHSE Code


DPTI Pre Qualifications (Category 3 & Category 4)

For companies looking to achieve pre-qualification for SA’s Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI), we can confirm the QHSE Code satisfies eligibility for the Department’s Quality Assurance Criteria for Pre-Qualification as General Building Contractor, Residential Building Contractor and Trade/Sub-Contractor to the Registration Category 3 and Category 4. See link below.


DPTI Pre-Qualification Approval 2013



The QHSE Code has also been endorsed by SA’s National Electrical and Communications Association (see link below).

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NECA QHSE Endorsement 2013


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