TQCS International Pty Ltd (TQCSI) was established in Adelaide, South Australia, in August 1995 and was the first South Australian created and owned company providing an auditing service for third party certification. Now with international operations, Head Office remains in Adelaide but audits are conducted by Lead Auditors throughout Australia, the Pacific, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. 

TQCSI provides auditing and certification of international management system standards, particularly for Quality (ISO 9001), Environmental (ISO 14001), Food Safety (ISO 22000, FSSC 22000 and HACCP), Safety (OHSAS 18001 & AS 4801), Asset Management (ISO 55001), and Information Security (ISO 27001). TQCSI also audits and certifies organisations to the jobactive Program.

TQCSI also audits against the relevant standards for other industry specific codes. TQCSI's own Small Business Quality Management Code has been tailored to the successful Food Safety Program, CCF Civil Construction Management Code, Quality, Health Safety, Environment and many others.



Why use TQCSI - what are the advantages?

TQCSI provides a no nonsense, practical approach to interpreting your management system in accordance with the requirements of the appropriate Standard. We are dedicated to providing total customer satisfaction while maintaining a credible, logical understanding of the Standards and an appreciation of your Company's needs.

TQCSI employs carefully selected auditors who have had extensive business experience, who understand business demands and who are qualified auditors. Whenever possible, we use local auditors to reduce costs.

TQCSI offers a cost effective service designed to be attractive to all companies and, in particular, those small companies which comprise the majority of our business structure within Australasia and Asia.

TQCSI responds, our team is available to visit at your convenience for a no obligation, free quotation and to explain what services are available prior to your formal application for certification.

TQCSI services are available when required and will fit into your timetable for audits. 

TQCSI conducts regular surveillance audits scheduled to conform with your availability.

TQCSI was initially developed to provide the market with a readily available alternative to the larger, more bureaucratic certification bodies. We offer prompt service with a practical application at a real cost advantage.

TQCSI processes certification faster than any other certification body.

TQCSI promotes your certification through the E-Certificates on our website.


The Certification Process


Certification Process



Point of Contact

You are always welcome to contact your local TQCSI Office to clarify any issues with your certification. The TQCSI Office will either address the issue on the spot or refer the matter to your Auditor accordingly.


Companies already certified

Special conditions apply to companies who are already certified with other certification bodies and wish to transfer to TQCSI. The process to transfer is simple and often more cost effective than remaining with a certification body that is providing inferior service. Details are available on request.


Multiple-site companies

Companies controlling multiple-site operations will be advised by the local TQCSI Office on the most effective option in which to proceed towards certification. There is sufficient flexibility in the certification requirements to enable a range of options to suit individual needs in the most cost effective manner.



Certification of systems is recognition by an independent body that the respective management system is being conducted in accordance with pre-established and formally recognised standards.

It is also an assurance to other companies that your services and/or products are controlled and include a continual improvement program.

Essentially, it provides your customers and potential customers with the confidence that your Company will produce the same product or service repeatedly and that you will respond to any complaints or suggestions for improvement.



TQCSI provides a complete assurance to its clients that all information and data observed and/or used during auditing activities will remain confidential and will not be revealed in any form to any unauthorised person.


Our assurance to you

TQCSI provides a reputable, honest and credible certification. We maintain the highest standards upon which you and your customers can rely.

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