Mohamed Haggag

General Manager - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mohamed is responsible for all operations in TQCSI (Egypt)

Ahmed Haggag

Ahmed Haggag

Financial Controller

Ahmed is responsible for all financial matters of TQCSI (Egypt)

Islam Ghorib

Islam Ghorib

Marketing Manager

Islam is responsible for marketing activities of TQCSI (Egypt)

Mr. Kamal Kayal

Kamal Kayal

Business Development Manager

Kamal is responsible for the growth of TQCSI (Egypt) operation in Syria. Kamal has a BSC in informatics and is MBA certified.

Dr Shaban

Dr Shaban

Operations Manager

Dr Shaban has a PhD in microbiology with experience in management systems consulting and auditing in the food, Healthcare and medical device sectors.

Ms. Samah Badra

Samah Badra

Business Development Administrator

Samah is responsible for the business development activities of TQCSI (Egypt) in Syria.

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