Thursday, 23 November 2017

AU992-QC-EC-SC - Sagle Constructions Pty Ltd

"Both Auditors were extremely professional, on time and helpful. Worked with us and went over and above to help management on site."

AU1347-QC-HC - iPi Catering Ltd - Napa Napa

"I have always found TQCSI to be helpful and professional in all matters pertaining to our Audits and procedures. They are very understanding of certain difficulties faced with in our regional environment and use an Auditor who understands the regions difficulties and nuances. In all, I am extremely happy with the services TQCSI provide to us."


"The depth and thoroughness of the Audit Report is a stand out feature of TQCSI’s services and the approachability and openness of all at TQCSI makes the audit process a comfortable and positive experience."

AU994-QC-SC - Comace Pty Ltd

"Thanks to TQCSI, David Monks and Carolin Arndt for auditing our Quality/Safety systems once again on 6th October, 2016. They always do a thorough job and explain every step, process and outcome in detail before, during and in conclusion of the audit. The report is always comprehensive and fully explains any areas that need attention. Just wanted to say excellent job by them both as always and thanks again."

SK3190-QC-EC-SC - Incheon Port Authority

"우리회사는 2014.12 티큐씨에스아이로부터 ISO 9001,ISO14001,OHS18001 에 대한 인증 승인을 획득했습니다. 모든 직원들이 친절했으며, 전문 심사원으로부터 많은 도움과 지식을 얻을수 있었습니다. 우리는 티큐씨에스아이 한국지사에 인증을 받아 매우 만족하고 아울러, 감사를 표합니다."

"We have been certified against ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHS 18001 by TQCSI since Dec 2014. All of TQCSI Korea's staff were so kind and auditors were so professional and knowledgeable. We are happy and satisfied to get TQCSI Certification and thankful to TQCSI Korea."

TA1523-HC - Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan


"English: “We appreciate TQCSI for their support and audit. Through the auditor’s professional knowledge, the continuous improvement cycle is going well for our food safety management system through each years’ audit, and strengthen our determination on food safety management system.”"

AU977-QC-EC-SC - MECHVAC Engineering Pty Ltd

"Both Lorraine and Genevieve value added to our recent audit. They were very thorough and the suggestions made and discrepancies found have resulted in a further improvement to our system."

AU1303-AM-QC-EC-SC-SC-CS - Assetlink Holdings Pty Ltd

"Assetlink recently changed certification bodies to TQCSI and we have been impressed with how professional TQCSI is compared to the others. Assetlink is now certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS 4801, OHSAS 18001, ISO 10002 & ISO 55001 for Head Office, three branch offices and our 900+ operational sites."

"At our recent Triennial Audit, our staff were universally praiseworthy of TQCSI’s auditing which focussed on improvement rather than finding things wrong. Administratively, liaising with TQCSI is a pleasure and their audit reports and audit findings are logical and easy to understand."

"I’d recommend TQCSI to any business that requires a professional service and added value from their ISO certification."

Wayne Gobert AOM
Head of People & Culture
Assetlink Group

AU1039-HC - Shangri-La Fijian Resort & Spa

"My first audit this year with TQCSI and I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism shown by both the office staff and the auditor. I would definitely recommend TQCSI to my other Food Safety colleagues."

AU1110-QC-EC-SC- ATSys Pty Ltd as trustee for ATSys Business Trust

"We were very pleased with the knowledge of both Genevieve and Sarah as the auditors this year. They were extremely well-informed of their certifications and gave us many suggestions, we gained much value from the Audit & will continue to use & recommend TQCSI."

SG127-QC-EC-SC - Labquip (S) Pte Ltd

"TQCSI were here in November 2014 to audit our company against Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems. We found them to be very professional and knowledgeable, and were glad that they gave us a clear explanation of the Standards requirements. We not only gained knowledge and values but also understand better the fundamental requirements of the respective Standards. I would definitely recommend TQCSI to anyone who is planning to be certified to ISO Standards."

TH530-QC- Ikari Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd

"TQCSI's auditors conducted the surveillance audit today (July 3, 2014). We would like to thank for your audit service as they have done really good for our company."

Aunnop W - Managing Director.

AU925-QC-SC - Mallee Track Health & Community Service

"A pleasure to have Carolyn and Victoria on site for the week. Both have exceptional knowledge of requirements and were great at putting staff at ease. Provided a supportive environment for the entire week. Will be a pleasure to have them both back next year."

AU087-HC - Adelaide Ice Service Pty Ltd

"Lorraine Welsh conducted our Triennial Audit very well. From 2006 – 2011 our auditor was Jillian Lange who also audited our HACCP system well and we enjoyed working with Jillian. However it was good to after a long time have to different auditor. It would be good for our HACCP system and I am sure other businesses would also benefit more from the audit process to from time to time have different auditors look at our system as if a new auditor would no doubt see things that could be missed by others i.e. Lorraine picked up that we were using the TQCSI HACCP certification mark on our bag as had previously been allowed but Jillian had never picked up on this. Also although using the same auditor is good in the way that he / she would get an understanding of the business from repeatedly auditing the same system each year another auditor could see the system and the business with a different perspective. We would defiantly welcome Lorraine back again and hope that she will audit our system again but if possible within TQCSI’s auditor pool perhaps have alternate auditor’s maybe one auditor conducting the surveillance audits and a different auditor conducting the triennial audits."