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TQCSI is proud to announce that we have been selected to design and establish the Gateway document suite for Infrastructure SA.

Gateway Reviews are independent project delivery assurance reviews conducted at key points in the delivery lifecycle of major projects. The methodology was first deployed in the UK to help improve the delivery outcomes of major publicly funded projects and has been in use for about two decades. It is used extensively in the UK, New Zealand and other Australian States.

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TQCSI is proud to announce that SA based engineering company, Verseng Group Pty Ltd, is the first Company to be certified by an Australian based certification body to the aviation, space & defence (ASD) standard, AS 9100D.


Verseng is TQCSI’s first client to achieve ISO 9001 & AS 9100 certification under COVID-19 restrictions. Through teleconferencing on 20th April, TQCSI (Australia)’s General Manager, Stuart Batchelor, issued Verseng’s certificate.  The certificate was then couriered to Verseng and accepted by Verseng’s Managing Director, Tim Lillie.

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TQCSI is very pleased to now be officially recognised as the only Australian aerospace accredited, certification body. Accreditation to AS 9100 & AS 9120 has been awarded by ANAB (ANSI National Accreditation Board), the largest multi-disciplinary accreditation body in North America and the world’s biggest in aerospace accreditation.

This is great news for the aviation, space and defence (ASD) industries throughout Australasia, who can now rely on a local provider for certification.

To mark this achievement, we asked ANAB Vice President Management Systems, Lori Gillespie, to remotely present the certificate rather than battling the COVID-19 elements for a photo opportunity! With the help of ICT magic, Lori presented the Accreditation Certificate to TQCSI Accreditation Manager, Sean Bates, with Project Manager, Sean Moules, looking on.

Both, TQCSI and ANAB, have embraced ICT more earnestly in the last few months with ANAB conducting remote assessments of certification bodies and TQCSI conducting remote audits of clients. Auditing remotely has proven remarkably successful and, while it won’t replace physical audits, it will likely reduce the on-site auditing time for better performing organisations in the future. That is the TQCSI way: pro-actively embracing new technologies to offer the most professional auditing and certification service to our world-wide clientele. 

We celebrate this achievement and thank ANAB for their trust in a partnership that we expect to last for decades to come.

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TQCSI has been recommended for re-accreditation by JAS-ANZ (Joint Accreditation System – Australia New Zealand) following a fully remote re-assessment, the first of its kind for JAS-ANZ.


This week, TQCSI, the largest JAS-ANZ accredited management system certification body in the world, was assessed at his Adelaide Head Office by a team of five JAS-ANZ assessors working remotely from their homes in Auckland, Wellington, Gold Coast and Perth led by JAS-ANZ Lead Assessor, John Parr.


Food Safety Certification Standards conducted by Craig Bates, TQCSI Managing Director and international certification expert will discuss and explain the best third-party certification option for your business. In addition, key differences and definitions of HACCP, ISO 22000, FSSC 20000.



Craig Bates, President of TQCSI addresses the impacts of Coronavirus in the Auditing and Certification Industry as per March 2020.

Craig also explains how this worldwide certification body is helping clients to maintain their ISO certifications through remote auditing and other countermeasures.

Watch the video:



TQCSI becomes the first Australian certification body to be accredited to audit and certify companies to the Aviation, Space and Defence Standards.

TQCS International Pty Ltd (TQCSI), the largest JAS-ANZ accredited certification body (CB) in the world, has become the first Australian CB to be accredited to audit and certify companies to the Aviation, Space and Defence Standards – the AS 9100 Series.

US based ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) announced on 28 March 2020 that, following an intensive compliance testing and auditing process covering both TQCSI’s office management systems and witnessed audits of TQCSI’s auditors conducting client audits, it was formally accrediting TQCSI to audit companies to ISO 9001, AS 9100 D (Quality Management Systems for Aviation, Space and Defence organisations) and AS 9120 (Quality Management Systems for Aviation, Space and Defence Distributors).

This accreditation will enable Australia’s Aerospace and Defence industries to be served for the first time by an Australian company providing a customer focussed, high-quality service at a competitive price.

Accreditation follows an intensive period of investment, process development and training to enable TQCSI’s team of highly experienced auditors to deliver the rigorous standards demanded by the Aerospace and Defence industries.

TQCSI has also been supported by the Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) via a Sovereign Industrial Capability Grant to develop this new sovereign capability in Australia.

Sean Moules, TQCSI’s Program Director, said ‘We are very proud to have achieved this sovereign capability for the Australian Aviation, Space and Defence markets, following an intensive year of effort to ensure our systems and people can deliver the exacting quality standards that aerospace demands.’

Craig Bates, TQCSI’s President, added ‘We look forward to providing these new certification standards to our growing customer base and to continue to grow and evolve TQCSI to meet customer demands and deliver the most professional certification services in the world.’

TQCSI is now ready to provide accredited certification to existing AS 9100 Series certified organisations and companies that are looking to expand further into the Aviation, Space and Defence markets. Call us on 1800 686 739 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.

Like the rest of the community, COVID-19 is disrupting the certification sector, particularly audit schedules for achieving and maintaining certification to ISO management system standards.

Auditors are being prevented from travelling in many countries and many companies are closed anyway.  To ensure as much flexibility as possible and ensure clients’ continued certification, TQCSI is liaising with our clients to defer audits a few months until some normalcy can return.

However, if all audits are postponed till the 3rd or 4th quarter of this year, there will not be enough auditors available for the number of outstanding audits!  Moreover, in some countries different regions may allow companies to work but auditors may be prevented from travelling to those clients.

In these circumstances, TQCSI can audit remotely using various information and communication technology (ICT) techniques that are readily available to most businesses such as telephone, mobile phones, photography by mobile, access to intranets, teleconference meetings, MS Teams, Skype, GoToMeetings and Zoom, etc.

TQCSI is accredited by JAS-ANZ to conduct remote auditing and has been doing so for the past few weeks.

So certification of your management systems to the ISO Standards need not be jeopardised by the Coronavirus and you can focus on more pressing issues.


Read the open letter from Craig Bates, President of TQCSI, to clients and partners regarding COVID-19 and remote auditing here: 

Covid 19 Response letter - TQCSI

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As we near the final stages of our Accreditation program with ANAB to become the first Australian Company to be able to offer accredited certification to the Aerospace, Space and Defence Standards (AS9100 for manufacturers, AS9110 for repair and overhaul and AS9120 for distributors), ANAB have now confirmed successful completion of all the process and document review stages.


ANAB Assessors also conducted the office audits and witness audits at client sites to see our systems in operation to certify companies to the new standards. 


TQCSI Program Director Sean Moules commented: ‘It's taken a lot of hard work to ensure we are fully equipped to audit to these very rigorous standards, as while they build directly on the foundations of ISO 9001 for Quality, they include nearly 150 additions to meet the exacting standards of safety critical industries. We and our customers take our responsibilities in this area very seriously, and I hope its reassuring to know that we and our Auditors also get regularly audited to ensure we fully meet the requirements for every accredited standard we provide to our clients.’


TQCSI President and Managing Director, Craig Bates said, ‘We are very pleased to see this major investment in developing the first sovereign capability in Australia to provide accredited certification to the aerospace, space and defence industry coming to fruition, and very proud that TQCSI, as the largest JAS-ANZ accredited certification body in Australia, is at the forefront of supporting companies across Australia in gaining and maintaining the best standards in the world.’




If you would like to enquire about this program, please contact us. We at TQCSI will gladly clarify any questions you might have, free of costs.


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Whenever AS 9100 standards are considered by a company, that need usually comes from a previous business target: To enter the Aerospace supply chain or to expand further into it. Before organisations can upgrade their certification capabilities, several topics need to be clarified during the planning stage. Find below a list of frequent questions our clients ask when preparing to achieve an AS 9100 series standard:


We’re looking to enter the Aviation, Space and Defence markets. Which standards are most applicable to these sectors?

For quality, ISO 9001 is by far the most widely used standard in the industry but for the very high standards and safety criticality required in the Aviation, Space & Defence markets, the AS 9100 Series of Standards are used and mandated by many of the Primes, particularly in Aerospace.


What are the AS 9100 Series Standards?

These Standards have been developed specifically for the Aviation, Space and Defence sectors and are led by the aerospace industry. They build directly on ISO 9001 for quality as a foundation and add around 150 additional requirements reflecting the higher standards required in safety-critical industries. Similar type standards exist in other industry sectors such as automotive and oil and gas.


What standards are there in the AS 9100 Series, and which one is right for my company?

There are three standards:

    • AS 9100: applies to companies who manufacture products – typically the Prime OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and their suppliers. This is the most widely held standard.
    • AS 9110: was developed for companies who service and repair equipment, often called MROs (maintenance, repair and overhaul).
    • AS 9120: for distributors of equipment – companies who buy, sell and distribute aviation, space and defence equipment.


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